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The History of Sugar Land Baking CO.

After 25 years of developing their multigenerational and multicultural recipes they were able to not only create, but to established an incredible brand like Rustika which developed to be a known brand in Houston, Texas. Now that we have the experience and branding, we are ready to take Sugar Land Baking to the next level.


The creation of this company is putting in place a comissary, which is the responsible for supplying all the goods, services and products to the different Franchise locations opening around the Houston area. We are now focusing in the wholesale and distribution of cakes, cookies, pastries, icing, and others goods with the ability to produce Gluten-Free, Organic, and Kosher desserts.

With our comissary, we are able to start doing private label as well as wholesaling for big supermarkets, top restaurants, fancy hotels, and wealthy casinos. We have a unique ability to create and deliver the freshest products and desserts due to the quality and freshness of our ingredients. We only use natural all natural ingredients with no preservatives added.

From the Press


Erica Kwee, Contributor - Houston Press

"Top pick: The Mexican wedding cookies from Rustika Bakery are atypically large and round, more akin to the American “snowballs” with a denser, sandier texture and doused in a generous layer of powdered sugar. Softer than the variety at El Bolillo, these will melt in your mouth."

Molly Dunn, Editor - Houston Press


"The couple hail from Mexico City, and their products pay tribute to their heritage, in addition to the cooking styles of South American and European countries.... Whatever they make, an adherence to quality, no matter the cost, sets Rustika apart."

Voted Best Cake in Houston - Everyone


"Pastry chef Francis Reznick creates beautiful cakes every day at Rustika Cafe & Bakery for weddings, birthdays, holidays and every other type of celebration. But it's what's on the inside that counts, and Rustika's cakes are not only gorgeous, but delicious. Rustika offers dozens of flavor combinations, which makes choices difficult. No matter which one you pick, be it the sweet and smooth white chocolate raspberry filling between layers of delicate and crumbly white cake, or a rich chocolate cake with chocolate dulce de leche filling and chocolate buttercream icing (a chocolate lover's dream), you won't be able to put your fork down."

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