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Our Mission

Our mission is to bake with passion, and create innovative products that are beautiful and delicious. We aspire to make every bite an experience. We never compromise neither our ingredients nor the family values that allow us work each day to exceed the customer expectation at any given time.

Core Values

Accountability: We acknowledge and accept responsibility for actions, products, decisions, time and policies.

Commitment: We are committed to providing opportunities for employees to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually while consistently providing products of exceptional quality and an outstanding customer service experience.

Community: We actively support our community, donating our product and time to the specific needs of the organizations, neighborhoods, and families we serve.

Empowerment: We encourage teammates to lead and make customer focused decisions.

Innovation: We pursue new trends, solutions, products, processes, services, and technologies that have the potential for growth and customer loyalty.

Integrity: We provide honest, timely communication and service that shows respect and kindness with every customer, teammate, supplier, governing agency, and competitor.

Profitability: We recognize that profits are essential for growth, opportunities, job stability and the future viability of the company.

Safety: We ensure the health and well-being of all teammates and customers. We create a safe work environment through ACT: Awareness, Communication, and Training.

Teamwork: We strive to create a positive work environment by building a spirit of cooperative effort among individuals and departments; realizing our success depends on our ability to perform as one successful team.

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